Carbon Calculator

Track and analyze cloud carbon emissions, minimizing environmental impact.


Cloud carbon emissions measurement and analysis tool to determine the impact on our environment.


The real challenge was gathering consumption statistics (compute, storage, networking, and so on) from major cloud providers and calculating expected energy (Watt-Hours) and greenhouse gas emissions represented as carbon dioxide equivalents.

These visualizations are required to be shown on a dashboard for developers, sustainability leaders, and other stakeholders in a business to examine and act on. It currently supports Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.


Our team developed a solution that gives visibility for measuring, monitoring, and reducing cloud carbon emissions.

We apply best-practice approaches to turn cloud utilization into anticipated energy consumption and carbon emissions, resulting in metrics and carbon savings estimates that can be shared with workers, investors, and other stakeholders.


The end solution pulls usage and cost data from all linked accounts in your AWS, GCP, or Azure Organization. This approach provides us with a more holistic estimation of your cloud energy and carbon consumption, but may be less accurate as we use an average constant (rather than measured) CPU Utilization.

Before estimating the energy and carbon emission, we validate whether a given usage is Compute, Storage, Networking, Memory or Unknown.

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